Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Doctors and scientists have long recognised the importance of colostrum as the first food for newborn mammals. During the last decade, they have also begun to study the other bio-active ingredients in milk, such as Lipid.

Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum is finest grade colostrum containing significant levels of immunoglobulins and growth factors, fortified with complex lipids in the form of gangliosides and phospholipids.

Both phospholipids and gangliosides are important in brain function and development.

Gangliosides also help protect the gut from infection and disease. Gangliosides are key components of the plasma membrane of all human cells and are particularly in the nervous system. They play an important role in cell to cell recognition, cell signalling and cell growth. In Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum, the ganglioside is GD3. GD3 is the predominant ganglioside in human colostrum. Gangliosides are particularly important in human brain development up to the age of five.

Recent studies suggest gangliosides could be involved in the activation of T-cells which play a key role in the bodyís first line of defence against pathogen invasion. Phospholipids help in increasing brain function, and have been associated with improved memory. They have also been shown to elevate moods and reduce the symptoms of depression. Alpha Lipid™ also helps confer additional dispersability and protection of the IgG (immunoglobulin) molecule. Alpha Lipid™ is an effective protector and carrier of all the vital (and fragile) nutrients in colostrum. It significantly increases bioavailability to the body during the journey through the digestive tract and assimilation through the mucous lining. Alpha Lipid™ appears to greatly enhance the effectiveness of basic colostrum. New Image Colostrum Alpha Lipid™ is an innovative pharmaceutical grade, standardised colostrum product. Alpha Lipid™ is exclusive to New Image International.>

What Makes New Zealand Colostrum the Best On the Planet...
Those of us who have been learning about this amazing supplement for some years now, have long been convinced that New Zealand dairy farmers produce the world’s best colostrum. We’ve discovered some new facts that only serve to reinforce this opinion, so we wanted to share these with you. While we’re at it, we’ll reiterate some of the reasons we’ve held this belief for a while.

Even U.S. dairy farmers agree that New Zealand has some of the best dairy farming practices on the planet. Here’s what some of them say:

“New Zealand is the world leader in grazing production systems”

“Some US producers are hanging their hopes on a modified New Zealand system to help them become efficient enough to stay in business. “

“Pasture-based, seasonal milk-production systems used in New Zealand are being modified for the Missouri Ozarks.”

“Having managed my own dairy operation since 1936, I was interested in the modus operandi of dairy farmers in New Zealand”

One of the reasons for this high regard is that New Zealand dairies are held to some of the most stringent standards in the world. In New Zealand, the Dairy and Plant Products Group (a division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry-MAF) provides assurance to consumers, both domestic and international, that New Zealand’s dairy products are safe and true to label. And, the government mandates that all dairy products (colostrum included) must be free of antibiotics, chemical residues and hormones (rbST is illegal in New Zealand).

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