Monday, July 20, 2009

Breast Cancer

Cancer is a scary word. But breast cancer is not a death sentence and every day there are more breast cancer survivors due to advances in treatments and drug therapy. Cancers are abnormal cells in the body which grow uncontrollably. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women, although men get breast cancer too.

There are many known risk factors for breast cancer. Healthline's Breast Cancer Learning Center offers tools and expert articles to help you understand whether or not you are in a high risk group. It is now recommended that women in high risk groups have an MRI scan along with their annual mammogram. No matter what your risk of getting cancer, today we are armed with tremendous knowledge about how to prevent breast cancer.

Know the symptoms of breast cancer. Most breast lumps are non-cancerous - so when should you be concerned? Learn about how breast cancer is diagnosed. Most women find lumps themselves during breast self-exams. Finding and treating breast cancer early greatly increases your chances of survival and of being completely cured.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, there are many resources to help you through it. Getting to the right medical team is crucial to good breast cancer care and increased survival rates. Breast cancer is complex. There are different stages of breast cancer and different types - invasive or non-invasive, hormone receptor positive or negative. The tumor size, shape and the rate of cell division all determine the prognosis. Once treated, breast cancer patients must be evaluated for recurrence.

The Breast Cancer Learning Center's multimedia offerings will help you anticipate your journey to healing. The Alternative Therapies section provides information you can discuss with your doctor if there are complementary practices you want to try.

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