Saturday, July 4, 2009

- No Health, No Future... "The healthy have many wishes; the sick only have one."

A Message From The Chairman:
Graeme Clegg

I have never forgotten this truism I heard many years ago and it is more applicable today than any other time in history. Our bodies are constantly under attack from our toxic stressful world. The challenge is how do we remain healthy?
Personal tragedy brought home to me the reality that prevention is a thousand times more practical than the cure.
The tragedy of losing my mother, father and younger brother to cancer brought home the grim reality that I was also possibly programmed to become a similar victim. I did not want to die as life had too much to offer so I was faced with two choices, 1. to leave my life to chance; or 2. make a choice to do something about it.
New Image is 24 years of my doing something about it. I am in fact, living proof of excellent health and vitality. Since I started New Image, I have never had a day sick. Many people have observed my exuberant energy, my zest for life, my positive outlook and healthy wellbeing as I travel, speaking about our products (my passion). I am delighted to hear the amazing success stories from thousands of people as I travel around the Asia Pacific region.
We have pioneered many products and our greatest success has been with Colostrum. This product is nature's answer to mankind's greatest health concern - our weakened immune function. We are proud to be the first retailer, the largest retailer and greatest champion of nature's 'wonder product'. I hope you take this everyday.
I hope we can welcome you into our family of customers and support you in your quest for great health and vitality.

Graeme Clegg
Founder New Image International

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