Thursday, August 20, 2009

Labbaikallah humma Labbaik

Aku ini kembara jalanan
Yang meniti usia yang masih ada
Sentuhan Ilahi memanggilku
Menanti di muka Kaabah rumah suci.

For your info, I will be away from 22nd August until 1st September 09. I will be visiting Holy Land of Medinah dan Makkah to perform UMRAH and to experience of fasting during Ramadhan. In this regards, this blog will be KIV for a while. Insha Allah with the blessing of Allah Azza wajalla, it will continue later by the first week of September 2009. I would humbly request to all readers to pray to the almighty God for my safe journey and smooth running of the program during my stay and performing my ibadat overthere.

Happy Ramadhan.

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