Thursday, September 17, 2009

City of Kuching

Kuching is the capital of the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Being the most populous city in the state of Sarawak, Kuching emerged as one of the most vibrant cities in the region and it is the largest city on the island of Borneo and the fourth largest city in Malaysia.[3][4]

Kuching was elevated to city status on
1 August 1988 and carries the nickname of Cat City.

Kuching - capital city of Sarawak ( Cat City )
Kucing - in Malay Language is CAT
Cochin - is a port as introduce by Indian traders who settled down along the
waterfront of Sarawak River. ( India Street located near the waterfront )
Ku Ching - In Chinesse language is an old well ( source of water supply
during dry season in Kuching area in those days.

( Which one of those terms are applicable?. Appreciate if someone could clarify this.)


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