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Reality Bites

Two days ago the world was subjected to another atrocity - the bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. Once again a 'massacre' in a Caucasian country committed by those dastardly Islamists, Jihadists, extremists, terrorists et al.

Yesterday on BBC Radio 4, I heard a new coinage to describe these 'murderous Islamists'. Professor Stephen Hutchings used the terms Islamic Racism and Anti- Caucasian (the twin brother to anti-Semitism?? )with reference to a pre-Xmas conflict in Russia between 'Islamic Racists' and Caucasian Christians. I added the word ' Christians' - a reference which Western media and pundits are too coy to mention.

Furthermore, as gung-ho Muslims are branded 'Islamists' I think it is quite apt to describe Messrs Blair and Bush and Sarkozy ( although Sarkozy is of Jewish descent) as Christianists - and Wolfowitz, Perle, Ariel Sharon, Netanyahu as Judaists. You know, that English proverb about " sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander" ???

Wars and conflicts do not happen in a vacuum. The 'terrorism' of the Caucasus (Islamic) States comes from a good pedigree. During the First Chechen War (1994-1996) an estimated 30,000 - 100,000 civilians were killed, 500,000 were displaced, and dozens of cities and villages were left in ruins by the Russians.

Grozny after the Russians had finished with it

A landmark - by courtesy of the Russian bear

Chechens in pain - 1999

Russian in pain 2011

And this, from GQ magazine:

You reap what you sow
The Second Chechen War (1999) saw Grozny turned to rubble and 25,000 - 50,000 civilians were slaughtered. (The Moscow bombing 2 days ago killed 38). The effect of this was the spread of the conflict to other states like Dagestan and Chechnya became a pan-Islamic Cause. It's just like post 9/11 which led to the Crusade by the Christianist/secularist West on the Muslim nations of Iraq and Afghanistan during which 375,000 ( according to Western arithmetic) Iraqi civilians were killed and between 14,000 to 34,000 Afghani civilians were slain. During 9/11 just over 3,000 civilians were killed . And oh yes, the Twin Towers were turned to rubble!

And this I found on a website: "The Bali bombing of 2002 caused the deaths of over 200 people. Even sadder, 120 deaths were innocent Australians".

What this world needs is a remedial lesson in Political Arithmetic and therapy for Moral Amnesia.
Copy from blog anak si hamid

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