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Malaysia's first Syariah compliant 5-star hotel is opening soon - BY SHAMSUL YUNUS blogger marahku...

Imagine a fund management organisation set up to help their depositors to achieve a lifelong dream

The said fund is also considered a leader when it comes to Syariah compliance

So when we heard that it is considering the purchase of a an abandoned 5-star plus luxury hotel in the golden triangle one can only assume that the hotel will be syariah compliant

You can enjoy all you non-alcoholic beer here and it will probably be home to the best halal Chinese restaurant in the country and the entertainment outlets will all play spiritual music and have may even have separate male and female buffet line.

According to sources, the management has approved the proposal and it is now awaiting presentation to the investment committee of the fund before finally appearing before the board of directors.

Our deepthroat also revealed that the person bringing forth the proposal is related to the top management and if the deal goes through the said executive stands to earn as much as RM38 million.

Our deep throat says that this is not the first time that such a proposal from the same person but the deals have been kept rather quiet.

Backgrounder of the abandoned hotel;

The Hyatt Group in 1994 gave the contract to develop the RM570 million Grand Hyatt Duta to Kuala Lumpur Landmark Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Olympia Industries Bhd. Mycom Bhd, the holding company of Olympia, then teamed up with Kuala Lumpur Landmark to develop a 52-storey building to house its headquarters and the hotel.

However, construction was halted in July 1998, when the group encountered financial difficulties during the 1997/1998 economic downturn. The incomplete skeleton of the building has been abandoned ever since and Hyatt Group is no longer associated with the project


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