Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan quake: Scary time for Malaysians

If you are a Malaysian in Japan, tell us about the situation there. Email your story and pictures to

Malaysians working and studying in Japan who are caught right in the middle of an earthquake share their experience. Here are some of the comments that we received.

I'm a Malaysian student in Japan. I live near Iwate district. Yes, the situation is really scary and frightening. My legs and hands keep shaking because all the northern coast was rocked with the quake and tsunami. The electricity has shut down, no phone connection even internet usage is limited. Right now, I and the other Malaysian students (Kyoto students) are in a safe place. We are really scared because this is the first time we are experiencing things like this. I hope the Malaysia government can do somthing to help Malaysian students here. We are too scared. - mar rizky

The earthquake still continue here (Chiba Prefecture). Hopefully it's not earthquake, it's after shock instead. - kar lai at 17:21

We are a group of 7 Malaysians (Department of Fisheries officers) on training in Japan. We are all safe in WakaYama Profecture, south of Toyko. Other Malaysians in my group are Melvin John Kinsuat (Sabah), Nur Najmi Basyeer binti Abdul Karim (Sabah), Noor Amy binti Ajak (Sabah), Mohammad Rizal bin Socradji (Sabah), Rendy Fazhrin bin Sairin (Sabah) and Rizwan bin Nordin (Negeri Sembilan). Please convey to our families that we are safe here. - ROONEY BIUSING

Photo sent by Gubentran Guben

My family and I are currently holidaying in Japan. We were in Kyoto when the tsunami happened. We couldn't feel it here. We only heard about it on the news. Apparently, it was quite bad from the pictures on the news. We wish the Japanese people affected by the quake all the best. - yl cheong

I am a student in Hachiouji, Tokyo. I could not go home now so I am staying a night with my lab colleagues since the Densha system is currently shut down. The phone system is not working well but the net system is still working well. I am able to contact my family members through Skype and Facebook. A number of aftershocks is still happening after the major quake. -CY Jong

I was in my apartment on the 12th floor and this is my first time experiencing an earthquake. It was quite scary as everyone ran downstairs. The trains & network are all down. Everyone just trying to contact their family & friends. Of course my father called me from Malaysia the moment he saw the news. - Brandy, Shinjuku

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