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On the evening of oct 21 , the stork delivered a healthy baby boy , while she was flying from Penang to Kuching. This the second babies for Liew.

Liew started feeling labor pains about 15 minutes into the flight and she alerted passenger next to her, who asked the flight attendant to help. An emergency re-route to to LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur was initiated while a member of the crew stayed with Liew to keep her calm. However the baby was too eager to see the world and he arrived safely at 2,000 feet as the aircraft approached LCCT to land. Coincidentally, Dr. Ronald Tang was on board and he facilitated the born with the assistance of flight attendants.

This is the first on-air birth for AirAsia and to mark the occasion AirAsia has presented Liew and her son , who she has named him Asia Liew Ya Hang, free flight for life! "Ya Hang" in Mandarin means AirAsia. When asked how she felt about the gifts, the tired new born ( Not new anymore. She mummed the second one ) smiled and said she was very happy about it.

AirAsia is also thankful to Dr. Tang for offering assistance and have awarded him with two complimentary tickrts to any destination within our network. When contacted by AirAsia Dr. Tang had this to say, " AirAsia did a great job. They were very effecient and helpful. The staff has done something significant by assuring and accompanying the mother at all times.The delivery was blessed with no complications. Everything was smooth and efficient. Well done to all".

This article I copied from airAsia inflight magazine Travel3SIXTYdegrees, complimentary copy given to me upon my request on my journey from Kuching to KL by AK5207 on Tuesdat 29th December 2009. I told the one of tthe crew members that there are numbers pf good materials that I want to include it in my blog. Thank you airAsia )


FIRST: I already buckled myself into the seat No.7B center seat between on young female passanger and one Abang Haji on his way from Mukah to Temerloh. AK5207 supposed to take off at 1.55, but was informed by the counter crew , the flight was re-scheduled at2.15pm. Fine. But what puzzled me, the aircraft did not move ven after 2.15pm, 2.30pm, 2.45pm ad at 3.00pm I saw the clue. Problem. Not because of AirAsia. But one ugly character of one of the passengers was the cause. He smoke in the aircraft toilet and also usingphone talking with someone also in the toilet. This was monitored y the flight on duty and decided not to allow the said passengerto continue hisjourney. And later i saw, security personel also in and out of the aircraft. Moment later I saw the culprit walking out to the main door of the aircraft. Quite sometime the show was at the enrance. He refused to quit the aircraft. Time already 3.30pm. Soon I saw few Pilce Personel approached heir face at the tarmac. Show now was displayed on the staircase. But I admire the passangers showing their calmness. Theie civic thinking is very high.

Soon after that we saw the said guy has been escorted down from the staircase to the termilnal building. Big releived. The plain take off at around 3.45pm

SECOND: The plain reached KL LCCT tarmac safely at 4.50pm. But only by 5.50pm, I managed to board the Skybus after 1 hour waiting for the luggages to be appeared on the belt. Yes! Bus enroute from LCCT to KL Central depart around 6.20pm. During the journey, from the window's view, I admiring my country and its development. I am proud of it. But it never ended there. After passing through Sri Kembangan Rest Area, our bus BJD1279 sudddenly was moved to the side of the road and stopped. After few minutes, the driver on duty informed us ' belting putus".

So no choice, have to wait for the next moment of surprise. After a moment of nothing and feel stuffy inside the all-window-closed bus, I step down and try look for the driver. could not see him. He is at the back of the bus, struggling to remove the broken belt to enable him to replace with the new one. Its raining. In my mind, I do not have any confident on him. A driver cum mechanic. Its true. He is unable to solve the problem of the bus.Another Skybus passing by and stop. We thought it is a replacement bus. But no any instruction for us to board that bus. After sometime the said bus continue his journey.

And then we have been informed by the driver that he had requested the backup bus to ferry us to KL Central. Almost one hour later another bus stopped. Yes. It is our bus. But not the actual one. That bus also full of pasangers like us. So we boarded. We have to disload our luggage in the dark and the door of the luggage compartment is not holding itself properly. Easily it could knock down those who are in the battle struggling with the luggages, if not carefully handled. However we reached KL Central at 8.00pm safely. Tiredddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!.

I wonder if I could get a glass of complimentary drinks from AirAsia.

I reserved my remark and like to see if there are any comments from the followers of this blog.

Happy New Year 2010, and may 2010 bring us plenty goodies . Cheers!.


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